Nebraska coach on Internet's made-up Minnesota trophy game: 'Yeah, sure!' - SB Nation

It is precisely what you'd expect: any crudely-made award using a broken chair and two $5 bills glued for you to it.

The award can be obtaining closer to full-on acceptance.



. Final year, Minnesota and also Faux Pelini created the "$5 Bits associated with Broken Chair Trophy" to end up being able to supply the illustrious Minnesota-Nebraska rivalry any traveling prize it deserves. His way-too-polite response? "Yeah, sure!"

The Internet's favorite prize will be back.

This seemed destined to remain an Web thing, but Minnesota really created the trophy and brought it for you to Lincoln pertaining to their win more than Nebraska.

Minnesota has clearly embraced the rivalry, and can Nebraska? Off Tackle Empire asked new Nebraska coach Mike Riley if he would hoist the actual trophy, must the Huskers get this year

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